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LB TENDER MECHANICS is proud to be counted among the official distributors of the COX brand! 

The COX is a technical and revolutionary engine in the marine environment.

Unique on the market and especially intended for professionals, the CXO 300 is also of interest to owners of large yacht tenders on which fuel storage is limited on board for safety reasons.

Endowed with exceptional torque, the diesel consumption of the CXO 300 is 25% lower than that of a petrol outboard engine of the same category, its lifespan 3 times longer and the maintenance periods longer.


The installation of the CXO300 is much easier than that of an inboard engine and, if necessary, the engine can be easily replaced.

Why should you consider powering your workboats with an outboard motor?

Whatever your activity (fishing, harbor or coastal surveillance, passenger transport, pilot boat, etc.) the CXO 300 Diesel outboard motor is made for you!

When you buy a Cox diesel outboard engine, you are buying much more than an engine: you are buying a higher level of service!We have definedservice standardsto make sure you don't lose a week's income, or your sea trip planned for weeks.

Did you know that ?

With the aim of showing you and illustrating the performance of the COX, we have prepared a boat (Zodiac) in our workshop as a test boat.

We would be honored to present this engine and take it for a test sea trials with you. Do not hesitate to distribute the information to anyone you consider interested in this product.

Testing and development

Genea Boat Show 2020

Demo on the water

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