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Company based in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden, Humphree specializes in the supply of innovative solutions for speed at sea. The brand has in fact developed a whole series of equipment aimed at both better stability and less resistance of the hull on the water.

Created by a team of hydrodynamicists and naval engineers in the early 90s, the company is active in the fields of high-speed maritime propulsion and ship hydrodynamics under the name "HUMPREE" since 2001. Acquired by VOLVO in 2013, Humphree is able to provide state-of-the-art products and services tailored to the potential of all types of fast vessels.

Did you know? 

The safety and comfort of those on board are guaranteed by the stability of your boat. In order to live new experiences at sea, we suggest that you install a stabilization system equipped with Humphree interceptors and fins on your vessel.


These two pieces of equipment make it possible to reduce roll, pitch and yaw movements. Our technicians are qualified to choose the parts that are 100% adapted to your boat!

LB TENDER MECHANICS is your Humphree dealer !

Indeed, we specialize in boats between 20 ft and 165 ft, including pleasure boats, work boats and yachts. Our team travels around the Mediterranean & the world to meet your needs.


•    Boat repair
•     Maintenance and servicing of boat engines
•     Sale of spare parts for boats
•    Diagnosis and technical inspection of boats


•    Our team of passionate and responsive technicians
•    Our transparency 
•     Authorized dealer of Humphree spare parts
•     100% personalized support

The entire LB TENDER MECHANICS team improves the stability and performance of your boat. Our interventions cover the entire French Riviera. Contact us for more information! 

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