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YOUR Hamilton Jet DEALER
LA CIOTAT - MARSEILLE (and throughout the south of France)

Efficient at high speed, the hydrojet is a propulsion system that is increasingly used and applied to many types of vessels: pilot boats, high-speed ferries, patrol boats, pleasure boats, super yacht tenders, etc.

What is its process? The water is pumped under the boat to be pressurized by the rotor (or impeller in English), then straightened by the stator and finally expelled at high speed through the steering nozzle behind the ship.

Based in New Zealand, Hamilton Jet is the world leader in the field of jet propulsion, with a power range from 100 hp up to 8000 hp. It has been providing jet propulsion solutions since the 1950s, and has delivered more than 50,000 hydrojets fitted to boats of all sizes around the world.

LB TENDER MECHANICS is proud to be counted among the extensive worldwide network of the Hamilton Jet, which allows us to provide our customers with exceptional support.


The ranges provided are of high quality, and are suitable for various marine applications:

The HJ series:8 models with a power of 260 kw up to 900 kw

The HM series:7 models with a power of 1000 kw up to 3500 kw


The HT series:for installation on ships up to 70 m composed of 3 models, i.e. from 4000 kw to 7500 kw The HJ series: 8 models with a power of 260 kw up to 900 kw


The HJX series: The new generation hydrojet


The HTX series: This unit offers more performance, durability and easier installation than previous generations of waterjets.


LB TENDER MECHANICS is your authorized Hamilton Jet agent in the South of France

(Marseille, La Ciotat, Toulon, Hyères, Saint Tropez, Cannes, Antibes, Nice, Monaco)

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