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How to choose your propulsion system at Mercury Marine?

Mercury Marine offers to its customers a wide range of propulsion options, depending mainly on the type of sailing desired. The options are grouped into three categories : outboard, sterndrive and inboard.

Here are their main features and benefits :

Outboard :

This model is attached directly to the stern of the boat. Many family boat models are equipped with this type of engine. Originally intended for small fishing boats and runabouts, they have over time replaced inboard and sterndrive engines in cruising yachts, small boats and even high performance boats.

Outboard engines have evolved from two-stroke to four-stroke engines, and although they have become more powerful, they have also become quieter and more fuel efficient. The advantage of an outboard engine is related to the gain of space inside the boat, and also to its ease of preparation for winterization.

Its major drawback is that it encroaches heavily on the swim platform, which is not always to the liking of boaters.

Today, Mercury's line of outboard engine is the largest in the industry.

Inboard (or shaft line) :

This is the most classic marine propulsion system and all pleasure boats used this type of engine in the past. Today it is still very popular for towed water sports (especially with the " V8 Mercury Mercruiser Tow Sport " model).

The inboard engine provides a speed advantage that allows skiers and snowboarders to be pulled quickly out of the water and withstand the strain of the tow line. Without creating excessive turbulence, the wake is ideal for skiing, surfing or boarding.

Sterndrive :

Designed in the 1960s, this engine combines the torque of an inboard motor with a steerable, adjustable transom-mounted base. Maneuvering is easy and at low speed. The baseplate provides improved economy while maintaining sailing performance. The Mercury range of these engines is from 200 to 430 HP. With the baseplate mounted low on the transom, most sterndrive boats have a wide swim platform.

Mercury has significantly improved the range of these engines, making them immune to galvanic corrosion (a three-year anti-corrosion warranty is provided with every sterndrive purchase).

In conclusion, the choice of your propulsion system at Mercury will always guarantee you ease and pleasure.


LB TENDER MECHANICS is your Mercury Mercuiser dealer in La Ciotat, Marseille and in the whole Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur area. Proud to represent the brand with the most complete range of engines, we are listening to any request for intervention.

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